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03 December 2011 @ 07:32 pm
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25 October 2011 @ 11:23 am
Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating my LJ for quite a long time, and I don't think I will be updating it either. I have shifted my blog to blogspot instead. Am still in the midst of learning blogspot features.

Anyway, I'll be making a trip down to Arashi's Osaka con coming late Dec to Early Jan to buy goods.
For those who are interested, please send me a email to state your interest. If response is good, I will do an order. 
Email: puffy.game@gmail.com

I know quite a few has emailed me regarding the old concert goods.
I'm really sorry that for the time being, I won't be selling those anymore. 

Will do another sales post if I really need to clear them up for more extra space.

I won't be putting up the prices first, just let me know your interest before I really go on ahead to start the orders.

For those who know me (as in close friends), you can just simply email me your orders straight ahead. No worries. :D

That's all.

Not sure when I will be updating here, but if you want, you can read my blog at http://eveychua.blogspot.com :D
01 February 2011 @ 10:02 am
Super busy recently. Okie, I won't say recently, but its more like since last year when I started to study full time (as in quitting my full time job). So many things to learn. I think I really have learnt alot from this degree. Got to know a bunch of super funny cheerful happy gang known as FCH in my uni. They can be super random at times too. Need to thank the person who brought us together, who is Jasmine. Without her, I doubt I will get to know more friends in uni.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Am still bogged down with school work despite Chinese New Year coming up. I still have like tonnes of stuff to clear. Table is still messy with piles of notes on it. At least my other areas are almost cleaned up, except for my study/computer table. Its super HORRIBLE!!!! Still got 3 more assignments to clear. Speaking of which, about school stuff. SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) is CHUI CHUI CHUI!!! 


Well, all the prelim timetable is out, but not for PSOC. Funny right? I went to call them up and I was put on hold for about 2 mins, and then the operator just told me that they will check it out and get back to me. Why can't they just tell me the date for the prelim and won't that save everybody's time? I think they are super inefficient at doing admin stuff but SUPER EFFICIENT when it comes to collecting $$.


On a good note, yesterday was fun although I was in a pretty DOWN mood. Totally no mood for anything due to the super awesome weather that made me like that. I was supposed to head to my friend's place to mug for the exams, but I didn't go. I was doing household chores and doing my consol homework at the same time. Plus, the weather was so 'good' that it didn't want me to go out of the house.  I met the FCH gang for dinner, and ended up being late. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung, Paragon outlet. I won't say its super good for that price we paid. But oh well. Then we went shopping around Metro, 313 and then to TCC to chill out. 
Here are some photos from yesterday.

Dinner from Din Tai Fung!!

My pic!! I like this self-pic the most!!! <3

My lemon ginger green tea. Don't ask me why I ordered that. Its really nice if you like GINGER!!! xD

Some snacks!

My fav! Potato Wedges with Cheese Dip!!!

The guys! These TWO are 'brothers'. SUPER GOOD BROTHERS!!!! xD

The girls. My face is TOO PHAT!!! *urgh* Need to make my face smaller!!!

The other photos are on my facebook. xD 
Most of my friends say my camera is good!! I really like my camera alot!! The pictures it take is super clear and lightning is awesome!! xD 
Much thanks to Geraldine for intro-ing Ricoh to me. If not, I would not have gotten that camera. Ricoh CX4 is AWESOME!!

Shall blog another time!!
29 December 2010 @ 10:22 pm

I seriously cannot believe this!!


Well, just want to update a few stuff! 

My uni clique is super awesome and fun!! Had loads of fun with them for the whole of December. We even went out for lunch and then had Xmas Party with some friends and then crazy wii-gaming in the school library!!!

The Wii gaming in school library was the craziest thing ever. 3 of us were in school to study/revise before school reopens next monday. But after doing too much JK's FR hamper (for me), I think its more than enough for the day. So we went to the school library to play wii.

We took Wii Sports! BEST GAME EVER!! There's a team called ESAP sucks! Plus plus!! BALWANT's character is inside too!!! SUPER FUNNY TO THE MAX!!! We also played tennis and bowling! Tennis is the funniest game among the 3 of us!! I can't stop laughing because of that game!! Super crazy!!!

Anyway, for the past last week, I have been going to school daily xcept Friday and Saturday to revise in school. I'm gonna aim for FCH if possible! Now working hard.

Plus, the FCH peeps are organizing a study boot camp before the prelims. We're that crazy!! But I'm looking forward it, as it will most probably be my last year in Uni and I want to enjoy to the fullest with my uni clique (Jasmine, Michelle, Jun Wei, Wilfred and Evan). You guys rock!!! 

Am heading back to the books. Will be heading to school to revise too. But I'm alone as my uni clique they have their own programs.

I won't be updating until the New Year is over, so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU GUYS!!!! ^_^
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27 November 2010 @ 12:04 am
Am currently still in a stage where all my things are super messy.
Will try to get them done after the 5th of December.

I totally screw up my FR test and Marketing test.
I know James Kwan is going to aim me now. I have a feeling. Coz, I didn't study for his test.
Not only because I didn't study, I also never go for the lectures. =.=

But my Japanese mock paper made me happy!
At least I know I can pass! YAY!!!!
But I just need more practice on my grammar and reading. Listening is okie. I can do well for that section, so no worries.

Tmr I still got a lecture @ 8.30am.
And Sunday, my last prep class for my N1. After that is my own studying already.
But I think I have learnt alot from the N1 prep class! I'm more or so prepared for it!!!

Oh yea, good news for those people who used to buy concert goods from me. I have extra goods to be sold.
Will post them up after the 5th December. Mainly are this year's concert's goods + a few old shop photos. No new ones as I'm keeping all the Nino photos that I have.
Sorry to those who are waiting for it.
I didn't buy extra this time,  as I spend more on my clothings and books to study.
May sell a few that I don't really like. xD Shall see how it goes.

Btw, I did something mad today too! I went to remove my moles on my face. LOL!
It was a painful experience!!!! Not only that, it also stinks to the max. Its like something is burning!!!
Painful to the max. Its still abit red now, but hope it gets well soon. *sigh*

Okie, shall head to bed soon.
8.30am lecture is no joke.
Plus, I haven't take out the notes yet. *sigh*

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